Cannabis Testing: Fusarium

Fusarium wilt of Cannabis often begins with the infection of the roots and moves to the vascular system where the fungal mycelia restricts water and nutrients from flowing. This can then lead to a rapid death of a young plant and if left unchecked, the eventual loss of an entire harvest.

Fusarium is a soilborne pathogen that is very difficult to eliminate from an infected grow room or soil. It can spread very easily from infected plants as well as from dead organic material.

Common Indicators of Fusarium in Cannabis

In contrast to other diseases and illnesses, symptoms of Fusarium can be easily identified.

  • Dark, brown colors at root level signifies that the plant’s root is suffering from illness, which causes it to harden over time.
  • Brown stains on stems indicate that the pathogen have already infected the vascular system.
  • Drooping, discolored leaves and wilting branches are also common signs.

Preventing Fusarium

Implement countermeasures instead of waiting for Fusarium to strike.

  • Sanitizing your grow room and properly dispose of dead plant material
  • Horticultural materials and tools must also be cleaned thoroughly
  • Do not reuse any soilless media that may be infected
  • Application of biocontrol agents such as Trichoderma can be used to prevent Fusarium infection

Start Testing Your Cannabis With Us!

If you’re a worried grower with concerns over whether Fusarium has infiltrated the confines of your cannabis plants, don’t hesitate to send your plants over to us so we can begin testing as soon as possible. Contact PML Laboratories to start testing.