Cannabis Testing for Tobacco Mosaic Virus

Since the symptoms and signs of Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV) may be due to other factors, the only definitive method to determine if your plant is infected with this virus would be through molecular genetic testing.

About Tobacco Mosaic Virus

The TMV virus was first discovered in tobacco plants. It’s now known to impact a minimum of 125 other plant species. These include peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and several flower species.

It’s typically transmitted from plant to plant via direct contact, but it can also remain alive in the soil. It may also be passed between plants by the human hand.

Possible Symptoms

Growers who believe their plants get TMV have noticed a few symptoms. These may include:

  • Yellow stripes
  • Curled, twisted, or otherwise deformed leaves
  • Spots
  • Thicker, dark green areas on leaves (mosaic)

So, what is the bottom line? As cannabis does sometimes test positive for TMV and can display its related symptoms, the evidence suggests TMV does affect cannabis plants. This means that it may be necessary for growers to do TMV testing.

The most effective way to deal with TMV is, unfortunately, to destroy the infected plants and continue with new, uninfected starters.

Start Testing Today!

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