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Purity Medical LaboratoriesCommitted to Quality

Purity Medical Laboratories was founded to provide integrity and excellence in the analytical testing of Cannabis products. Our Executive Board is composed of both physicians and renowned research scientists who recognize the potential pharmacological benefits of cannabis plants. Our mission is therefore to provide cannabis cultivators, manufacturers, producers and distributors with the most accurate and expedited analytical test results.

Furthermore, with our dedication to continually increase the efficiency of our testing methods, and our extensive experience in plant breeding and cultivation, we strive to help our clients improve the efficacy of their products while reducing their input costs. We are setting greater standards for cannabis analytical testing by providing an integrated approach, thereby advancing safety for consumers while contributing to research and development.

Our dedication to the quality of our testing service is reflected in the breadth and length of experience of our staff. With over 40 years of combined experience in analytical chemistry, plant biochemistry, plant molecular genetics, and plant breeding, our scientific and laboratory members have MS and PhD degrees. Our business professionals are also leaders in their fields and provide the supporting foundation for PML to offer the best integrated testing service and experience to our clients. We believe in the science and many benefits of cannabis and have created a lab that is firmly about quality testing not just for our clients, but also for consumers, who fuel this industry and who demand purity.

FrequentlyAsked Questions

How long will it take to receive my results?

PML will strive to meet our turnaround times of 3-5 days while maintaining the quality of our results. The majority of the sample results will be released by 3 days.

Do I need to set up an account to order samples?

To assure the quickest turnaround time and service, we request you set up an account and one of our managers will assist you and answer any of your questions through the testing process. You would also be able to schedule sample pickups with your account manager.

Can I drop off my samples?

Yes, you can schedule a sample drop-off with your account manager, Mon.-Fri. From 9am-6pm.


Testing Service Request

A. Once a Regulatory Compliance or R&D Testing service has been received, a PML Technician/Driver will travel to the Client’s site to collect representative samples.

Samples Received at PML

A. Once the samples have been received at PML, they will be verified and logged into our Laboratory Management System.

B. All samples will be stored in the 4°C refrigerator until sample preparations are made for laboratory processing and testing. Retains of all samples will also be stored for 45 days.

Laboratory Processing and Testing

A. Test samples are processed and prepared for analysis using automated systems.

Certificate of Analysis

A. All results will be uploaded to PML’s Laboratory Management System and the COA issued after the results from each analytical batch have been reviewed and undergone QA/QC.

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