FrequentlyAsked Questions

How long will it take to receive my results?

PML will strive to meet our turnaround times of 3-5 days while maintaining the quality of our results. The majority of the sample results will be released by 3 days.

Do I need to set up an account to order samples?

To assure the quickest turnaround time and service, we request you set up an account and one of our managers will assist you and And answer any of your questions through the testing process. You would also be able to schedule sample pickups with your account manager.

Can I drop off my samples?

Yes, you can schedule a sample drop-off with your account manager, Mon.-Fri. From 9am-6pm.

Glossaryof Terminology

Representative Sample (Primary Sample)

A sample from a harvest batch that has been systematically collected to minimize the variations within a given harvest and composed of several sample increments used for analytical testing.

Harvest Batch

A measured quantity of cannabis material collected within a short time frame that had undergone similar environmental and/or applied conditions- light and nutrient applications, curing times, manufacturing parameters.

Analytical Batch

A set of no more than 20 representative samples that has been prepared together using the same method for quantitative and /or qualitative analysis.

Chain-of-Custody (COC)

The start of the Chain-of-Custody will be at the sampling site- the regulatory documentation in the tracking and auditing of the cannabis products that will be tested from the licensed facilities.