Stop Botrytis in Cannabis Before It Starts

You can stop botrytis before it can set in by ensuring your plants are always dry, never too humid, and getting tested regularly. The primary cause of this cannabis disease is uncontrolled humidity and poor ventilation in the growing space.

Growers, if you notice any mold on your cannabis plants but are unsure of the species, reach out to Purity Medical Laboratories (PML) and get your cannabis plants tested immediately!

Your Plants’ Worst Enemy

Also known as bud rot or gray mold, botrytis is a type of infection that leads to reduced yields and a poor quality of your harvest. It thrives in wet, humid conditions and will usually form grayish-brown patches on the leaves and stems of cannabis plants. It’s a prevalent disease in cannabis cultivation.

Know What’s Wrong With Your Plants

All it takes is one little bud to turn into a significant problem. It might smell funky, taste funky, or look downright nasty.

Unfortunately, botrytis is not always easy to see before the damage leaves cannabis growers with a profit loss. That is why testing your cultivation is essential.

Protect Your Buds From Botrytis

Keeping your cannabis plants at the perfect humidity is crucial for their health and production. Yet, many growers use growth rooms that are too humid for the plants. Botrytis is a common disease triggered by high humidity levels, and if left untreated, it will cause extensive damage to your cannabis crop.

Identifying a Common Disease in Cannabis Cultivation

Identifying botrytis in cannabis plants is often tricky, so here are some tips to help growers spot it quickly.

  1. If the plant matter is brown and slimy, it’s a good sign that the disease has taken over.
  2. Check for circular patches on buds covered with white mycelium.
  3. If you see white or yellow fuzzy patches on leaves, botrytis is probably infesting your cultivation.

It’s best to take preventative measures to avoid spreading the disease throughout your garden. Visual inspections and regular testing done by the experts at PML are the best way to prevent botrytis from taking over.

Stop Losing Time and Money – Get Your Plants Tested

Stop fighting against your plants and invest in a proven control solution from the experts. Preventing botrytis is a must if growers want healthy cannabis plants. Our cannabis testing experts know what it takes to develop a healthy and profitable crop every time.

So stop wasting time and money, protect your investment and get a healthy yield every time. PML is here to help your business and cultivation grow. Start testing today!