Cannabis Terpene Testing in California


As the legal cannabis industry continues to grow, so do demands for cannabis testing services. Cannabis consumers and growers in California want to be confident that strains are identified and safe.

Cannabis terpene testing in California is important in ensuring quality standards are met. But what exactly is terpene testing, and why is it so beneficial?

What Is Cannabis Terpene Testing?

Cannabis terpene testing is a method of analyzing the chemical composition of cannabis. The goal is to determine which types of terpenes and at what levels they are present in a sample of cannabis.

Terpenes are compounds responsible for how most plants smell and are abundant in cannabis.

These oils are extracted from cannabis samples to be analyzed in a lab setting, then compared against known standards to determine their concentration levels. Terpene testing can be performed on both cannabis flower and concentrate samples.

The process of identifying the chemical compounds in a sample of cannabis is called terpene analysis. The method compares the chemical profile to known results to determine the types and amounts of terpene content present.

Why Is Cannabis Terpene Testing Important?

Different effects, medical benefits, possible risks, and other properties of cannabis are linked to different terpene profiles. For example, one terpene, called myrcene, is found in large quantities in cannabis, hops, mangoes, and bay leaves.

Since myrcene makes the blood-brain barrier more permeable, it is easier for cannabinoids to move from the blood to the brain.

A strain of cannabis with a lot of limonene will smell and taste like citrus and is known for making people feel happy and motivated. A strain with high levels of pinene will have a woody, pine aroma and flavor and is known for promoting mental focus and clarity.


Cannabis terpene testing in California means that a cannabis producer can even create a “pain relief” cannabis strain with a specific terpene profile correlated with pain relief.

Testing for terpenes is important because it gives people the information they need to choose products that meet their needs. Also, it allows cannabis companies to produce cannabis products that are tailored to specific users’ needs.

How Does Cannabis Terpene Testing Work?

There are several different methods for cannabis terpene testing in California. However, headspace gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS), a type of gas chromatography, is the most common and accurate way to test.

Mass spectrometry separates molecules in a chromatography column and breaks them into mass fragments. These fragments can be matched to database profiles.

In flame ionization, the compound is burned after it leaves the column, and the electrical signal that comes from this is proportional to how much of the component is present. The tests can be altered for ingested, smoked, swallowed, or topically applied substances.

Potential of Terpene Analysis in California in the Near Future

Terpene analysis is already useful for both growers and consumers in California. Terpene analysis is an essential technology in product verification, allowing consumers to select suitable products. It also enables entrepreneurs to make cannabis products that meet users’ needs.