Cannabis Heavy Metal Testing in California


Cannabis testing is a process for assessing the safety and efficacy of cannabis products. Cannabis heavy metal testing specifically is testing that checks for heavy metal toxicity in cannabis. The top provider of cannabis heavy metal testing in California is Purity Medical Laboratories (or PML).

Why Cannabis Heavy Metal Testing Is Needed

Some plants are hyperaccumulators. Being a hyperaccumulator means a plant that can grow in soil containing a large amount of metals. These plants are capable of absorbing these metals at high rates, resulting in extremely large amounts of metals in the tissue of the plant.

While being a hyperaccumulator may have some advantages for the plant itself, absorbing so much metal makes the plant toxic, posing a danger to any creature — whether human or animal — that consumes it. Cannabis sativa is a hyperaccumulator, meaning heavy metal toxicity must be a concern for anyone involved in cannabis production.

In addition, the cannabis manufacturing process can itself increase the concentration of heavy metals, raising the risk of heavy metal toxicity still further. Cannabis extracts, for example, may have a dangerous concentration of metals. These factors together mean that testing for heavy metals in cannabis is an absolute necessity.

Cannabis Heavy Metal Testing Requirements

The state of California regulates the testing of four specific heavy metals in cannabis plants. Cannabis heavy metal testing in California must test for levels of arsenic (As), cadmium (Cd), lead (Pb), and mercury (Hg). This testing is for the purpose of keeping consumers safe.

Following these regulations is also, of course, a matter of law. California’s Department of Cannabis Control performs investigations and routine inspections to ensure compliance with state law. Violations are taken seriously, so getting the proper testing done is vital.


Heavy Metal Testing With PML

PML Laboratories makes use of the latest advances in instrumentation and automation to provide clients with the highest-quality testing. PML seeks to help clients improve product efficacy while also reducing costs. If you need cannabis heavy metal testing in California, PML is here to help.

Besides heavy metal testing, PML also provides commercial and medical marijuana growers and distributors with testing for all other important factors. PML will test for potency, terpenes, pesticides, residual solvents, microbials, mycotoxins, nutrient content, and water activity and moisture content. Testing with PML can be performed with both research and development and compliance aims in view.

PML believes in the scientifically-backed benefits of cannabis. Our team has more than 40 years of experience in analytical chemistry, plant biochemistry, plant breeding, and plant molecular genetics. We are devoted to standards of integrity and excellence, which ensures that clients receive accurate, reliable data.

Please contact us today to schedule testing. Turnaround time for results is 3-5 days, with most sample results being ready after three days. Once the results have been reviewed and undergone quality assurance and quality control, the findings will be presented in a certificate of analysis.